Monday, June 15, 2009

Salt and pepper

Today's painting was challenging. An old pink depression glass salt shaker and an antique white pepper shaker. A mismatched couple but they looked nice together. I'm not happy with the result. It is fussy and over painted, and the composition is poor. I guess some days are like that. You give it a good go but it just doesn't happen. I will try them again at a later date, practicing what I now know I did wrong. Better luck tomorrow!


Fiona said...

Hey Kim,

I know you're not happy with the result, but I really think the background looks cool -- I really like the way the colours turned out and how it works together.


Ray said...

Hey Kim,

It was good getting your feelings about something that you felt hadn't worked. And why and all that. I liked the flow of the colors throughout the canvas.

And by the way, re Sunday, I would have enjoyed a captured moment of your Sunday activities