Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday I was driving through Vineland and a wonderful garden caught my eye. Every square inch is bursting with lush hollyhocks, chamomile, roses, hostas, Russian sage...the list goes on and on. Today I drove back, knocked on the door and asked the residents if they would mind if I painted in their garden. Carol said I was more than welcome and this is the result. Thanks Carol!
10" x 30" / hollyhocks / SOLD


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I have never blogged before. This is my first. After many attempts this evening and calls to my niece on how to join a blogg I have success!
I have been enjoying your paintings on a daily basis, they are a beautiful part of the day.
I love the hollyhocks they remind me of family holidays in Cape Cod, scattered throughout the yards of the old saltbox houses

Dawn Sherman said...

Beautiful! : )

Debra said...


GAIL said...

Outstanding Kim! Love the colours and the rectangular shape so fits these awesome flowers that always amaze me because of their height. Thinking of starting a hollyhock garden? This one gives enjoyment lasting all year long. Pass it on.... :)

Unknown said...

Too bad it's sold! I love it!