Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Cool steppin'" SOLD and a visit to the National Gallery

I've run out of shoes from my sister's closet. Maybe she'll dig around in there a bit further and lend me some others. If you think her shoes are fun, you should see her jewellery! : ) Actually, I think I will take Ralph up on his offer to paint his stinky trainers (see comment on yesterday's post). Ralph - I'll be waiting for the photo!!

As for the second photo - we just came back from a holiday in Ottawa, Ontario and while there I made sure to take time to go to the National Gallery. This is one of my favourite things about the gallery - the outdoor sculpture "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois. The spider stands about 30' high and in its egg sac holds white marble eggs. It really has an awesome presence. Look at the person walking in the bottom right of the photo to get some perspective on the size.

As for the gallery, the architecture thrilled me as always. There was an exhibit on Pop Art (Warhol, Haring, Koons, etc...) and it was exhibited fantastically. They recreated Keith Haring's Popshop, had a gold metallic room, some hot pink - just a very exciting layout - but although I love some of the work, some of it was kind of...meh.

But, in the permanent collection, there were a few that I couldn't take my eyes off. My highlights were "Grand Riviere" by Peter Doig (a new favourite artist but the online image does nothing for how spectacular the piece truly is); paintings by my beloved Group of Seven, "Hope 1" and various drawings by Gustav Klimt, and lastly, an exquisite graphite drawing by Johann F. Overbeck (previously unknown to me).

6" x 6" / oil on panel


Denise SCARAMAI said...

wow! There is much inspiration in the closet of your sister! ;)
you lucky you! I loved the colors of this work! the form matches the colors that result in a peaceful composition!
very nice!

Ralph said...

You will be glad it was only a picture. They are lying on newsprint because they are muddy and wet after my morning run. Glad it is not smelly vision.

Love the shoes

Andrea Farmer said...

Lovin' the shoe paintings! :)

Sandra said...

Lol! That would be funny - The stinky trainers! I wonder how you would depict the smell? Now there's a challenge!
This huge spider would give me nightmares for weeks!!!


I saw the "spider" in a LA show - imperial! B ut it was enclosed + inside. She was such a Master and ahead of her time.

Love your sunflower too Kim!