Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old glass ornament

I love old ornaments. This is one from my parents collection. I asked my Dad for some background information and he told me it was actually from my Mom's Mother (yep - my Grandma ; ). So it was one my Mom grew up with on her tree : ) Cool! The silver has worn off in a few spots, but in my book, that just adds to the charm.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75

p.s. As I was posting this I just heard back from JanettMarie. She has picked Cup of Beauty. It will be on it's way tomorrow Janett! : ))


Kathy Cousart said...

Very pretty and a treasure because it is special. Love the simplicity of the composition but the detail with all the shimmery silver colors.

Linda Popple said...

It looks shiney and I like all the reflections!

graziano tessarolo said...

You look, divide and paint every reflection very well... Some old object, in silent, reflects our life ... day by days... Christmas by Christmas
Ciao Graziano

santarempel said...


Take some time to imagine Mom as a little girl staring at, and enthralled by those beautiful old lights sparkling and shimmering off of the reflections of these bulb and the other ornaments. Where have all of the shimmery tree icicles gone?

Christmas week was one of great anticipation. With the beauty of the season all wrapped up in one gift and bursting with excitement by Christmas eve. He generally couldn't leave much, but Santa always showed up at some point on Christmas eve. Every household knew, because the milk and cookies were always an empty glass and crumbs on the plate on Christmas morning.

And what's so exciting is that he still shows up!

Love, Dad

Crystal Cook said...

That's how it is in my book too. :) I love your ornaments Kim, just beautiful! And darnit I didn't win!! But congrats to the winner anyways. And thank you for the generous chance to win! Maybe one day I'll get lucky. . . :)

Debra said...

A lovely ornament, and you did a beautiful job painting it Kim. Love the reflections!

Virginia Floyd said...

Love the post by your dad! Lovely ornament, and the sentiment makes your painting even more special.