Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arrangement in blue and gold

These carnations are the small variety and heavily scented. I love carnations. I remember my parents had them planted in the front yard and the scent was heady and spicy, like cloves. In this day, when the scent is bred out of so many flowers to increase their longevity, I appreciate these small gems even more.
Hey - when I was just checking out something about flowers online, I found a piece from The Wall Street Journal that said not to store flowers by produce (presumably talking about retailers here) because apples for example, emit a hormone that damages blooms. I also read that scientists have isolated 13 genes that determine flowers fragrances. This article talks about "designing scents" and apparently last summer the market was introduced to petunias that smell like roses. Oh my.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75


Karen Bruson said...

Very nice. Love your edges. Background has a nice abstract feel.

Starr said...

now if we could just make green beans smell like steak :)

The painting's lovely.. you did a great job with a subject that would just baffle me!

Unknown said...

You have a real gift for painting flowers. Painting carnations seems so intimidating for me. You did a lovely lovely job.

Virginia Floyd said...

I really like the composition in this one--the way the background is broken into horizontal layers of color. It makes this painting very interesting.

I love Starr's idea!

Celeste Bergin said...

these are GREAT..look at those great delicate values within the well done!

Neiley Harris said...

Carnations are so hard to paint, you do it very well!