Friday, February 25, 2011

Submission for "Present and Accounted For"

These are the photos I sent to Karen Appleton for her blog Present and Accounted For. Karen had a cool idea of a gift exchange project. She sent out these gift-wrapped boxes (empty and eager to see the world!) and asked in return that people photograph them and send the pictures back to her blog. Fun!  This present is sitting in front of a quincy (snow shelter) my husband and kids made and slept in this winter.  A week or so later we had another storm and the snow drifted into the entrance. It made a perfect spot to perch my little gift. We later shovelled out the drift and got to enjoy the shelter a week or so longer till it melted.


Lorraine Shirkus said...

Wonderful set-up, Kim! Challenging and beautiful . . . Karen had such a great idea. So impressed with your snow shelter! Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. I really like the way you handled the flowers---bold yet delicate, beautiful color.

Virginia Floyd said...

What an awesome experience for your kids! Imagine sleeping in a snow shelter with your dad. They'll remember that for always. He made a wonderful memory for them.

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Kim! I'm so late in seeing this! Thank you so much for the mention!! And I am so happy to have your participation! Such a great spot for the present!