Thursday, August 25, 2011


The past few days have really been a struggle. For the hours I've spent with a brush in my hand I should have a lot more to show for it! Man...I've had a lot wipe-downs. I wanted to paint my daughter but must have tried 5 times and just couldn't get it. I rubbed them all off but on the last attempt kept the hair. So today I painted this woman from some imaginary space from my head. I like her. She's got my daughter's hair ; )
6" x 6" / oil on archival panel / $100 (includes free shipping worldwide)


Crystal Cook said...

You have my sympathies my friend. Don't you just hate it when that happens! GRRRRR!!! NHB*^@#$*HOF!! I'm sending you a big batch of virtual chocolate/chocolate chip cookies to numb the pain.

But in all seriousness I dearly love this painting Kim. It is gorgeous!! And I'm mighty impressed that you painted her from your head! Really beautifully done Kim. :) And I like your daughter's hair.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Kim!... There is no gain without struggle. No growth without lots of scrubbing... for most of us.

Sometimes the images of our mind reveal more about our skill... and are more creative than simply getting down what's in front of us.

Putting such an image in a small 6x6 apartment is a task by itself. This mystery lady sits comfortably and saucily within these close quarters.

I love your work more... when you open up the space. Just my opinion! But I've always said that to you in person when viewing your work in person.

Good Painting... on whatever format!
Warmest regards... to you and Harry!

PS The "mystery" Lady has her mother's dancing eyes! HA HA!!!

Unknown said...

I really love it when you paint people! I think that she looks great! :) (no one will know that it doesn't look like your daughter) I certainly don't!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

I like her too.

Great painting.

XO Barbara

Celeste Bergin said...

ah it is good to know that a painter as good as you are can sometimes have trouble....! and I like what you did to create this new person

Jerry Stocks said...

Lovely painting even if it doesn't look like your daughter.