Friday, September 30, 2011

Rough sketches for book illustrations

This one and the one below are the two that I painted years ago as samples. I'll keep posting my progress!

I began my blog in 2009 and for the first time am truly having a bit of a "small works" painting block. I just want to be painting larger when I paint, and want to spend time drawing. So instead of worrying about it I have just decided to go with it. After all, painting larger is still painting, and I have wanted to hone my drawing chops for a while. Have been neglecting that. All this brings me to today's work. I did a post in January about a children's story I'd written and done a few sample illustrations for. I decided to get down to work and get drawin'!! Here are a few sketches I worked on today. Sorry the one is so pale. Pencil on tracing paper (valuable for multiple re-works).


suzanneberry said...

WOW kim, these are amazing!!!! i can't get over the amount of lively character in those lamp drawings and i absolutely LOVE the others. cannot WAIT to see the completed project. BRAVO! go with what you're feelin'. that's the ticket!

Celeste Bergin said...

Love these are multi-talented!

Unknown said...

I love these drawings and illustrations, and I think that absolutely you should go with wherever the muse is taking you! Sometimes I am all about drawing and then I'm just painting all the time and barely sketching at all. Mind you, I do believe painting is 'drawing with a brush', hope that helps! ;-)

Crystal Cook said...

I LOVE them Kim!! The top two remind me of those great pen and ink illustrations from a long time ago (I was going to guess the 1920s but I have no idea when it really was)

I love the look of your children's story. Can't wait to see more. :)

Christine Smith said...

Hi Kim,
I've been receiving your gorgeous little paintings in my inbox for a couple of months now and always look forward to what you will whip up each day. Your work has inspired me to push myself to commit to paint every day and (gasp!) post online! I thinks it's cool that you are listening to your creative soul and going big! You have to go with what aligns with you...cheers to the big stuff! :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Gill,

I am in the same boat. I want to go larger and larger. Does this make any sense? Is that why we do it? It isn't really about logic. Love the drawings. And love all of your work.
XO Barbara