Tuesday, August 14, 2012

♪ Ch-ch-ch-changes ♪

I must preface this post by sharing a quote I read on my friend Nicki Ault's FB page last week. It will explain everything : )
"I am always doing what I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it." ~ Pablo Picasso 
There. Well said Pablo. Good to remember when you're pulling your hair out. So what you see above is what this piece looked like a month ago. And originally it looked like this:
And then this - which I really was liking. WHY didn't I stop? Anyone?
And now it's this. I know there are some redeeming things in there somewhere, I've just got to drag them back out! I will persevere!


Crystal Cook said...

This whole post just put a huge smile on my face. :))) I think each stage is fascinating. I LOVE the color combinations.

Fiona said...

I love that you have photos of the different stages along the way, Kim, even (or especially) if the painting hasn't turned out the way you expected!

Dora Sislian Themelis said...

Well I liked all the incarnations of your piece, but I too get frustrated when I think I've gone too far. I try to stop at 20-30 minutes and step away or things could get ugly fast. Good luck!

Brenda L. Murray said...

I appreciate your courage, Kim, to share half finished/problem canvases! I hate posting mine when they are at that stage. And often I post one, thinking it's as good as it will get, then realize if I change this one thing it will be better. But then I'm stuck 'cuz I've already posted it in its present form! What to do? Should I change it and re-post? Heaven forbid! Ahh human follies!

Good on you for your triumphs and discoveries!


Barbara Muir said...

I like it as it is now. And I am so impressed at how you work.

I think it's a great painting. Redeeming qualities. It's great.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Oh! Hey! Thanks for the mention! :) It's a great quote and if I can remember it I can allow myself to venture into the unknown... unfortunately somewhat hesitatingly! If only it were more easy to knock down those inhibitions and go for it... and I can't always rely on wine to get me to that point!!! Ha! I really admire your energy in this regard and I think it is paying off for you in spades!

But I want to learn, so like you I will persist.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing yoiur stages with this painting, it's fun to see how you develop an abstract. heaps of fun! -Sally