Friday, October 26, 2012

Feast your eyes: Painters Eleven by Iris Nowell

Painters Eleven, The Wild Ones of Canadian Art by Iris Nowell 
Nature Evolving, oil and Lucite 44 on canvas, Jock Macdonald
Dawning Morrow, oil on canvas board, Jock Macdonald
Symphony, oil on canvas, Alexandra Luke
It's been a while since I posted, due in equal parts to a) taking stock of my direction/re-focusing b) being under the weather, and c) chillin' out. Next week it will be back to business but in the meantime I thought I'd share a wonderful book that arrived yesterday: Painters Eleven: The Wild Ones of Canadian Art by Iris Nowell. 346 pages packed with vibrant, sophisticated, joyful images! Wow! Just what I needed. I've been working at semi-abstracting the landscape over the past year and the middle two images just clicked when I saw them. I very clearly see landscape influence there! I'm not well-versed regarding the Painters Eleven so I am looking forward to reading the biographies and will share more as I know more. For now, feast your eyes!


Barbara Muir said...

This looks fantastic. Sorry you've been sick.

XO Barbara

Debra Zubrinich said...

Thanks for the tip on what looks like a great book. Just ordered it from amazon.
Feel better soon.