Sunday, December 2, 2012

Latest woods painting - done!

I'm done. And happy! Acrylic on canvas. Title coming soon.
Other news...Have to say I am completely enjoying my book: Painters Eleven: The Wild Ones of Canadian Art by Iris Nowell. Engrossing! And I find the painters lives/paths fascinating. I highly recommend it. You know that feeling when you come across an eloquent passage and think: Yes! That's exactly what I've been trying to put into words. Well, here's a well-stated thought by Nowell that I love: "Crucially for me, I learned that appreciating Abstract Expressionist art begins with surrender, by allowing a painting to posses you. Once this occurs, you stop looking for symbols or messages or meanings, and experience instead rhythm, energy, power, grace". 


Sandra Busby said...

I just love the mystical feel of this - Such gorgeous colours too :0)

Brenda said...

Beautifully done! Really love it.I'm so glad you write this blog. I've been struggling with a painting I started last week but this painting has inspired me and I now have an idea about how to finish my painting! Wish you lived closer!

Lesley said...

When you said yesterday you were not finished - I thought oh no its perfect! I do not see much change between yesterday and today so you must have thought it was pretty perfect too - luv everything about it. Also love the quote, its too bad we don't get into that 'zone' more often, probably need to lock ourselves into our studio space away from those outside distraction called life.


Barbara Muir said...

Well I certainly love this painting.
Surrender eh? I surrendered in the Rothko show -- the whole message became colour. But reading about him created an entirely different picture.

Thought provoking post. You are super.

XO Barbara

patti vincent said...

Wow! This painting is amazing. What I like most of all are the values and colors, especially the background. A+

Flora Doehler said...

This painting is gorgeous. I love everything about it…the colour and subject matter and the 'feeling' too. Wow!
What size is it?