Monday, January 14, 2013

Class at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Pumphouse

Saturday I had the great pleasure of teaching a one-day workshop called Fresh Acrylics at the Pumphouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We beagn the morning with value studies:
After this we moved to a 1-stroke 1-colour challenge. It often takes people a bit to get the hang of this idea. And some people really hate it : ) But I think it's a pretty valuable study to get us to slow down and really SEE colour without blind mixing. I think they made some really great observations.
The afternoon was set aside for people to work on paintings incorporating the mornings work. Here are some pictures of the class:
 I did a quick little study of a chair:
And then, just because it caught my eye, a picture of the beautiful lavender water that existed for a moment in one of the rinsing jars. How pretty is that?


Sandra Busby said...

I would so love to take a workshop with you. It looks like you get so much done! And I LOVE that chair :0)

JanettMarie said...

Must be very rewarding Kim. You really teach them a lot of good ideas. So fun, thanks for the ideas!

As only an artist would do, you took a photo of a jar of paint water. : )

Nicki said...

What lucky people to learn from you. It looks like a great day. And I love that you stopped to enjoy that beautiful water!

Art by Katalin said...

Good for you Kim! I used to teach children classes's such a nice location for art making!
Your workshop looked like fun and a rewarding experience for all! :)