Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holiday sketches + Goodbye Mr. Colville

My Hopewell Cape painting is *almost* finished. Just a little left on the sky. I will show you tomorrow! In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple quick sketches I did when we were camping. The operative word being quick. I left all my paints at home but brought a sketch pad and a medium black marker. Below are my favourite two.
Also - when we were away I got news of Alex Colville's passing. He lived in Nova Scotia (where we were when I heard). The local paper ran a good story on his career. His work is breathtaking and his was the first art book I ever owned! Please check out his website here. Another thing I greatly admire about him... he had a deep love affair with his wife and muse of 70 years, Rhoda Colville. She passed away about 6 1/2 months ago. Rest in peace 
The rocks by the sea in Port Joli, Nova Scotia. My favourite sketch. My husband and kids were playing in the water, examining jellyfish and other marvels while I drew.
This sketch is a little wonky, but I like it because a) it's a box of Corn Pops on the picnic table (the one time a year the kids get to pick their and
b) there was a big tree right behind the table which is part of the joy/charm of camping, oui?


Barbara Muir said...

Love the drawings, and I also love Colville's work. I always take my students to the two paintings of his wife in the Art Gallery of Ontario. It's obvious that he loved her.



Crystal Cook said...

I love seeing your sketches Kim. :) And that box of corn pops is FABULOUS!! The lettering on the box is so precise, yet also more. I tried to think of a better word than 'more' but. . . I got nothing. It's late. I just ate a bowl of 'poison' cereal. It's the sugar talking I swear. :D Glad you're back Kim I MISSED YOU!!

Sandra Busby said...

I always enjoy looking at sketches - These are so lovely! And it's always nicer than a photo I think :0)