Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 + hang in there!

**Get a cup of tea. This is a long one**
Well, it is that time of year again. Time for recaps, review and my annual "Favourite Paintings" list. How are all of you? Do you find yourselves making lists? I am a list person, and last year began a list of all the books I could remember reading. I wish I would have started it when I was younger, but it is still an immensely satisfying thing for me to do! Last year my New Years Resolutions were to get more physical activity and to read more novels. It took me till September to get moving, but I am happy to report that I read 18 books! And I can even tell you the titles because I made a list! haha

As for painting, I went through a real rough patch this year, and I seriously considered chucking it all and re-training for another career. But when I looked through all the options the only thing that made sense (and felt exciting) was painting. My issue was finding buyers for my work. Believe me, I know that income does not equal self-worth, but on some level my thought process was this: I go to my studio and paint every day, and work really hard, and if it's only to finish canvasses that just pile up in my studio, what's the point? You can start to feel defeated. I know a lot of people who read my blog are artists, and I know most everyone can relate to that at some point in their career. So anyway,  I decided to give myself one calendar year and see what happens. The months that have followed have been my best ever and things have started to snowball. I like to think that somewhere, somehow I was being told "HANG IN THERE!" 
So to all of you who are going through something similar or find yourself in that position this coming year, I will echo it loud and clear, HANG IN THERE! 
Now, back to the lists. Here is the list of my personal favourite paintings of 2013 (abstract, daily paintings and landscape). If you don't see a painting you bought here, please don't feel bad! My faves are often not what others would pick, or even what sells. Fascinating really : ) 
Top Abstract Paintings
 The Brave Romantics / SOLD
Life's a Beach / available here
 The Breath Thief / available here
 The Narrative of Love / available here
Alien Picnic / available here

Top Daily Paintings (small works, oil)
Shiny Candy, available here
 To Inspire / SOLD
 Lemon Pie / available here
The Wild One
Ready to Leap / SOLD

Top Landscape
 (presently untitled)
 Hopewell Cape - available here
 Thaw on the Niagara Escarpment / SOLD
Bella Lake, Muskoka / SOLD

My most sincere wishes to all of you for a year of warmth, peace goodwill and laughter!
Of course I hope you will have good luck on your side, but also I hope you will not wait for luck. You can make your own luck by hard work and the use of common sense.
~1919, "Confectioners Journal"


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Thanks. Kim,
I find your post INSPIRING!!!
All the best in the New YEAR!

LindaHunt said...

The Very best to you, Kim...yes, I too have been there...more than once.:[ Love your picks...am especially interested in your abstracts which are so beautiful that I feel them in all 5 senses and more!

lnz said...

Your words AND your work are most inspiring as I ask myself that same question every day - what's the point?! I have taken to heart the latest DPW interview at the very end when Darlene Mowatt states "It is my life passion to study and create art and that makes me happy. The bonus is when someone appreciates your hard work and wants to own one." I repeat that daily now. I am mostly inspired by your new abstract artwork. Know that there are admirers out there who anxiously await to see your next piece and that pushes us to stay in the game!

Barbara Muir said...

Happy New Year Kim,

I love your choices too. It was a hard year for many reasons. I am so looking forward to this New Year.

Happy 2014.

XOXOXO Barbara

mary maxam said...

From watching your work over the last year, I cannot believe you were EVER stuck! It is inspiring and gorgeous! Your post comes at a time when I find myself stuck so thank you and a very Happy New Year! I look forward to more always...

Nicki said...

Oh, I can relate Kim... I think I am in that spot right now. I am so glad you persisted- just look at the work you have accomplished!!! And I am thrilled to know that things are paying off for you in sales. You deserve it all. May the snowball keep rolling right through 2014!

Unknown said...

You're right, Kim, I think many of us who paint, or write, or perform, etc, have those moments of asking "Am I just kidding myself?"
Christmas eve I was in Florida at a Tikki bar where my son and his partner performed for about 15 to 20 die-hard fans. The town was a three hour drive from Sarasota, where they live. They passed the bucket and ended up making a bit more than enough to pay for the gas in their van. On such nights they still give the music "their all..." but they'll probably not do that gig again. Just too frustrating.
But they are musical gypsies, it's what they've chosen to do in life,
and they are reeeeely good at it.
Just like you, my Canadian friend.

Patti Vincent said...

Happy New Year Kim! I am so glad that you hung in there! Congratulations on a terrific year. I would of really missed you if you quit!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I love love love these.