Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scenes from the Toronto Outdoor Art Expo. Part 1.

Last weekend I exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Expo (TOAE) and had a fabulous time! It is an exhilarating weekend packed pull of impressive and diverse art. I took some pictures to share and give you a snapshot of the weekend. Such a great experience!
I met Celeste Keller. I have to admit I was fan-girling ; ). Love her work! And man, does she know how to kit out a tent!
Below is the work of Paul Gilroy. I loved these pieces. So fresh and modern. He was right across from my tent and he was a great guy - helped us get a tarp over our tent.
 This is the work of Patrice Carmichael. She was wonderful!
 The next two pieces are the work of I.E.M. Griffiths. SO GOOD! Love his paintings.
 This is the fabulous, strong work of Renée Gélinas. I remembered her from last year and was thrilled to see her back. Her work really speaks to me. Stunning!
A scene from Nathan Phillips Square.
 This is the work of Isabella Di Sclafaniart. Love the tone of these.
 Here is Jon Jarro. Wow.
 And this is work of the sculptor Peter Shoebridge. Breathtaking.
And last but not least I want to thank my show assistant for the weekend: my daughter. It is go-go-go at these shows and exhausting but she dug in and was a terrific help. THANK YOU! Sometime we will get the t-shirts ; )
I would like to do a second post of other artists I discovered in a couple of weeks when I gather and sort all the other business cards I collected. So inspiring and definitely good for the soul! Here's to the TOAE. I hope to be back next year!


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Quel plaisir que de pouvoir admirer les oeuvres des artistes qui vous ont accompagnée lors de cette exposition. Je suis certaine que l'atmosphère devait être chaleureuse. Des rencontres agréables...

Merci pour ce joli billet. Je vous souhaite un bel automne.

Gros bisous ❀ said...

What a diverse collection. I love the abstract in the last picture. Fun!

Karin Lynn... said...

Happy you had a good show. I an envious as I would love to be able to first get into the show and then be able to physically "pull it off." Your artwork is great and your voice is established. I hope the business side is just as developed and you are making a wonderful living as an artist. Great work Kim.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Great show, great work!

Barbara Muir said...

It was so good to see you there! Thanks for the post. I saw quite a few of these pieces and loved them too.

Loved your work.


Sandra Busby said...

Wow, what an amazing selection of art! Very talented Artists! I wish I could have seen them for real! :0)