Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 List

Being New Years Eve and all, many people find themselves reflecting on the past year's successes and failures (read: "learning opportunities!"). I reviewed my blog since its inception June 8th and compiled my favourites in a Top 10 list. Here they are!
When I am feeling frustrated and down-in-the-dumps with my ability, I will look to this list for encouragement. And I take strength in knowing that the majority of pieces were painted in the last couple of months, which I take as proof that practice pays off!
Happy New Years to each and every one of you. May 2010 be a year of health, kindness and creativity : )


Anonymous said...

Kim, This is a delightful review of some really good work.

Your comments about 'ability and self-doubt' are unfair to yourself. Whatever our product, if we have a high professional standard, we all have to redo or discard from time to time.

The fact that you publish your work, the occasional piece that frustrates you, and don't paint over it before anyone sees it, has been an interesting component to your blog.

Don't you ever mistake that with reasons to doubt your hard earned competencies.

ps I loved that Dec. 30th flower!

Kim Rempel said...'s more than the occasional piece that frustrates me ; ), but thanks so much for taking the time to write that note. Very kind and encouraging. A Happy New Year to you!

daybe said...

Your not the only one that feels that way, it's an internal struggle for all artists. I have been following your blog for a few months I like your work, keep it up, I find if I put a painting away for a few weeks or months and look at them later I tend enjoy them more as I tend to forget why I didn't like it.

The top 10 you picked have some nice qualities to them.

Keep going.