Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rocks No.3 + Abstract Temple

Here's no.3. For this one I used the same brush I usually use as well as the same palette but the switch up was working with high chroma (intensity or saturation). My intention was to be psychedelic but this is how it turned out. I will do one like that though! With every painting you learn something even if you're not always able to articulate it. I believe I'll find bits of things that will be useful to me in each of these explorations. 
11"x14" / acrylic on stretched canvas / $325

This is a painting one of my children did today and I got permission to post it. From time to time I will post some of the work they do. I find it inspiring. I'm hoping to get a fair bit of drawing and painting time in with them this summer. And with having a Mom in the field, they get to use real paint and brushes. Art supplies in schools haven't changed much since I was a kid. Cheap paint, cheap paper, and don't get me started on those sorry excuses for brushes! >: 0
This painting was inspired by a temple somewhere in a jungle in Japan. It had a walk-in mouth and eyes for windows. It's abstract. 
12"x12" / acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


Sandra Busby said...

I love how you have made each painting so different! You have clearly passed on your artistic gifts! Love the painting and hope you get permission to post more :0))

cohen labelle said...

it's wonderful how you involve your children in your art making!!!!!
I see this young artist of yours is a chip off the old block!!!
I also love the rock series!

Crystal Cook said...

Dear Kim,
Something that always impresses me with your paintings is how you maintain such spontaneous brush work with very strategic use of color. Which I find very HARD. I really love this one KIm.

And your child's painting is AWESOME!! I'm guessing who it is. :) Really it's so good, so expressive and carefree. *sigh* I wish I could paint with that sense of confidence and abandon.

And I know about the brushes. . . ARGH.

Nicki said...

Kim, I really enjoy these rocks! And the ones you have previously posted. What a great exercise, using the same subject and changing the colour and handling of paint. I'm sure there is plenty you are learning as you do these.

As I looked at the face your child painted and before I read the italics, I thought to myself "I love the placement of the eyes and the mouth!" What a great imagination- I'm inspired too!


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Stunning picture..and I would say somewhat psychedelic! There is always something so fresh about a child's painting. If only we could maintain that somehow.
You are a great Mom!


Hoo Doo's on fire. Well, they might not be the Hoo Doo's but close enough. Love the rock series. And keep the children's paintings coming-so fresh and free!

claire christinel said...

I really like your canyon series and how you're trying different things with each painting. The most recent with the high chroma reminds me of Emily Carr and the rhythmic patterning she painting into the landscape. Beautiful!

Kim Rempel said...

Thank you (from me and my son)!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

I love the rock series and your child's painting. I remember giving my son full rain with supplies, and he loved using real materials too.

XO Barbara