Thursday, September 6, 2012

plein air in Hespeler Village

This is how the painting looks now. I may be working on it further - I have to sit and stare at it a while and decide. I had to finish the painting in my studio as I didn't get it completed outside and the location is over an hour away.
I am really itching to get outside and paint. Just waiting for this humidity to break. I'm not wishing for snow and frigid temperatures but let's just say I may actually run outside and dance on the first fresh day. I love you autumn!


lcr said...

Love the way you do water. It's fabulous!
I'm looking forward to warm days and crisp cool nights as well!

Sandra said...

Oh this really is beautiful! I love the colours and the transparent layers. This, I think has to be amongst my favorites! :0)

Jennifer Koach said...

This is great. Love the colors in the water. It really work.