Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sometimes you've gotta re-work

As was the case with this abstract I did, "Park". The last time I posted it it looked like the image below. It was bothering me, as I stared at it day-after-day on my studio wall, and I decided to have at it. Even though I thought it might go south, I wasn't satisfied with how it was looking anyway so I might as well dive in. Sometimes we have to be willing to possibly destroy something in the chance that we'll build something better (and yesss, I've done that too). And now I'm feeling good with it all.

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Karin Lynn... said...

Yes, I totally know what you are talking about...I have been staring at two 16x20's and I am going back in. I really like this now....your eye has a resting place to skirt around and then back into the interesting , "drawing in " part.