Friday, January 8, 2016

Studio clean-up + Happy New Year!

Happy New Year a good week in. Hope everyone is feeling fine and that January hasn't been to harsh a start for 2016!
The new year brought a studio clean. Believe me. Much needed. Feels excellent to be working in a open uncluttered space again.
I continue to paint away, working toward the Artist Project in Toronto in February. A mountain to be done! I currently have 5 pieces on the go. One has been with me since November - a beast! haha. Sometimes they're like that. Next week I'll be able to share some pictures but for now they're not quite ready. I leave you with a couple snaps of my studio. Good day peeps!


Barbara Muir said...

Good for you Kim,

Mine was cleaned inadvertently before our New Year's Eve party, but is yet to go through a cleaning like yours. But I'm working on a big painting for a show at the end of January, and another in March.

It seems like a great year so far! Can't wait to see your paintings! Happy New Year!


Sandra Busby said...

Wow, what a fantastic space you have! i love the postcard windows too! I've started my year with a completely new 'bespoke' studio and I LOVE it! It is making a huge difference already! Happy New Year Kim! :0)