Friday, March 4, 2016

Toronto Artist Project, finished

One of the best things about the show was meeting new friends. I was lucky to be stationed between two really great, funny artists who inspired me no end. Todd Clark and Nancy Moore. Here they are with pictures of their work.

Then there is the work of these artist that really caught my eye. My pictures don't do them justice, please look them up online to get a better view!
Photographer Patrick Lajoie

 Artist Daniel St-Amant
 Artist Nurit Basin
 Artist Jim Bourke
 Artist Samantha Sandbrook
And last but not least, Artist Richard Ahnert. Love his sense of humour.

And that's it till 2017! : )

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Barbara Muir said...

Super blog Kim. I loved the work of Todd Clark,
who I met, and I loved his humour too. And I loved Jim Bourke's work too. Plus I like all of the other artists you mentioned.

Then there was this wonderful abstract artist who was beyond amazing -- my friend Kim Rempel, who I have talked to everyone about both before and since the Artist Project. Your work at the show sooo rocked it. Awesome.