Tuesday, January 7, 2020

For 2020 I’ve decided to make a few changes to what I post on my accounts. Over the years I have let my drawing slide and I really want to get back into sketching, as well as some watercolour/acrylic sketches/paintings. Back in the day I graduated from college with a book illustration major and although I love painting I also enjoy illustrating! 
I used to have so much angst about posting “different styles” and “branding” etc (yada yada, yada) and now I’m just saying To.Heck.With.It. I am taking a page out of @mrtomfroese ‘s book and posting “what you love, when you are able, as often as you feel like it, and don’t worry about it.” ✌️
In addition to that, I will also regularly be posting shout-outs to artists I enjoy and sharing the love. 🖤 Those will be called ARTLOVE (continuing the idea I started on this blog 10 years ago). 
So, here I go! Here are some feathers I picked up on a hike with my daughter. 
#sketching #drawing #feathers #kimrempelart


Barbara Muir said...

Love this drawing, and all of your work. Austin Kleon gives similar
advice in Steal Like An Artist - a cool little book about being a creative
person. I really enjoyed it. Its title isn't really its main focus.


Victoria Arnott said...

What a great idea Kim. I am looking forward to seeing your sketches(or whatever else you feel like posting) and the Artlove posts. I really love your feather sketches. I can almost feel the texture of the feathers.