Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas dream

St. Nicholas Painting Quiz #3 (a Sunday thing for the month of December). Can you guess which artist inspired this piece?
Note to new readers: this painting is taken from a series I did imagining how various modern masters would have portrayed St. Nick had they been commissioned to paint his portrait (the titles hold a clue).
Okay, this will probably be a tough one unless you're into art, so I'll give you a few hints. He was a Russian-French painter, born in Russia in 1887 . He painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera House. Words to describe his work would be folklore, fantasy, dreams and religion.
And yes, last Sunday's artist was Vincent van Gogh : ) Send in your answers!


Elizabeth Fraser said...

FUN painting, Kim! It looks like Chagall to me!

Art by Katalin said...

Definietly Chagall.He's one of my favorites and I even brought back my old Chagall book from Hungary.Also I got to see the original works of Chagall in Vienna's art gallery.That was a wonderful experience!:)