Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cyclamen - SOLD

I received this cyclamen from my mother-in-law on the weekend, and since I'd done flowers the past couple of days I decided to keep going with the theme. I looked up cyclamens online and found that historically they were used for many purposes. My favourite entries are:
- "Taken with wine, it makes one drunk" (can't you say that about anything? LOL)
- "The juice of the root can be absorbed through the nose to purge the head" (not a good visual)
- "Somebody says that mashed into a paste it can be used as a love potion" (offhand I can think of 50 things that would top that ; )
6" x 6" / oil on panel / SOLD


Neodad said...

Love this one Kim! So bright, vibrant - makes me happy.

Shelly Sargent said...

me too... think I'll mash one into a paste and absorb it up my nose.... NOT! LOL

Anonymous said...

the lighting is really beautiful on this. Great rendering, Kim!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Your florals are always my favourites! :) E

Darlene said...

The cyclamen look like they are ready for anything, and exceptionally happy.