Sunday, July 17, 2011

ART LOVE: Autumn Trees by Egon Schiele

Autumn Trees by Egon Schiele
1911 / oil on canvas / 79.5 x 80 cm
Most people think of erotic, slightly disturbing work when they think of Egon Schiele but he also painted some intricate and dynamic land and cityscapes. This is one of them. Yes, it is a limited palette and has a spare feel but I think it's absolutely exquisite. Look at how those branches are so sensitively seen!
On another note, I got home this evening from a weekend at the Port Credit Art Show. Wow - was it hot! I hope to have some photos to post tomorrow. I met a lot of great people ; ) To all those who are reading today for the first time - thank you for stopping by booth and for your interest in my work. I'll be back with a new painting tomorrow!

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Sandra Busby said...

Yes - That's exactly what I always thought about his paintings too, especially his portraits. I seem to recall one of a very angry looking red faced child, which was really quite repelling! I have never come across this one though, which is different, though I must admit, a little too muted for my own taste. I always think you can tell a lot about someone when looking at their art, so it makes me wonder if Egon Schiele might have been rather depressed or unhappy!