Sunday, July 3, 2011

ART LOVE: Calgary by John Hartman

Calgary / 2004 / oil on linen / 60 x 66inches / John Hartman
I was made aware of John Hartman just in the past month and would really love to get one of his books. I *love* his work!!! So much to look at, you can just get lost in those canvasses for months! I've found a website for him - please check out his work here. Hartman was born in Midland, Ontario in 1950. Wow. Spectacular. 
How do you get to that place? 
I wish I was there.
(not Calgary - I know how to get there ; ) I mean his career and having that kind of work flow from your mind and hands) 
Posting has been a bit thin this weekend as I had a lot of fun enjoying the Canada Day weekend: fireworks, dinners, canoeing, more dinners.... ; ))


martinealison said...

Un travail rempli de ressources effectivement... surtout sur de grands formats...
Merci de nous faire connaître cet artiste.
Gros bisous.

Celeste Bergin said...

kind of .....deibenkorn-y!

Sandra Busby said...

Wow - I can see what you mean. this is an amazing painting :0)

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Kim!... Any one witrh any sense of taste for good... and unusal landscape painting has to admire the fine work of John Hartman! You should see his aerial view of Collingwood!

Midland?.... Where is it? Fifteen minutes due north on Highway #93 from The Paint Box Gallery in Hillsdale! Lots to paint in this area. Tag Harry and come on up for a guided tour and paint out!

Just an idea!

Good painting!
Warmest regards,

Nicki said...

Thank you for sharing this discovery, Kim! I have now fallen for his work, too, and had not known of him before either!