Monday, September 24, 2012

Grimsby's Night (and Day) of Art

Saturday was Grimsby's Night (and Day) of Art. The Niagara Region was chosen as the Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012. Because of that designation communities across the region have had events to celebrate all facets of the arts. Pretty cool stuff! One of my children and I were positioned at a conservation park. He played celtic fiddle tunes and exhibited his sketches and I worked on a painting. In the evening there was a party at the local art gallery that included live music, contemporary dance and art. A really lovely night.


martinealison said...

Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver après mes longues semaines d'absence...
Vos arbres sont toujours merveilleux... J'aime la manière que vous les travaillez.
Je suis certaine que vous avez dû passer une excellente journée musicale et artistique.
gros bisous à vous

Crystal Cook said...

I love the pic of your boy playing his fiddle. :) Surrounded by your children while painting outside sounds so awesome. And your drawing looks so beautiful Kim. I have always loved your trees.