Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Work in progress + retooling

Detail, work in progress
Hello! So I've had a bit of a break lately - not vacation, just a lot of thinking and decision-making into what direction to take things. Paths. Retooling. FOCUSING. I'm going to be putting the bulk of my energy into abstract painting. To keep my painting muscles limber I'll be doing a few other things along the way, but primarily abstract it will be.
This is a detail of a piece I'm working on currently (my favourite part - the part that's working! lol).


Barbara Muir said...

Cool thoughts Kim. I love your abstract work. I love your other work too, but I know what you're saying -- this is the most you of what you do. Go for it!

XOXO Barbara

Sandra Busby said...

I have never really tried abstract painting... I'm not sure I would have enough trust in my instincts! But you are a natural at creating them! :0)

Patti Vincent said...

This should be an exciting journey because I already love your abstract paintings.Have Fun!