Thursday, October 24, 2013

Work in progress

Hi everyone. This is my next piece in the works. Still a little garish at this point but it will take many turns. Tomorrow I have to start painting some small daily works again. I have the Christmas Handmade Market coming up in a month and I need work! Yikes! I also got a lovely commission to be completed in the next couple of weeks the next month, you'll know where to find me!
By the way, Tuesday I took one more trip up to the Art Gallery of Toronto to see the Ai Weiwei and David Bowie exhibits (Yes. Two very different exhibits). And this time I pulled my kids from school so they could experience it too. They were all moved - well, the Weiwei exhibit does that to you. There is a documentary on him right now on Netflix - Never Sorry. If you get the chance, watch it!

1 comment:

suzanneberry said...

an beautifully planned explosion of color! and thanks for the tip, i love docs. enjoy the weekend!