Monday, November 21, 2011

Gesture/figure drawing

Today at Laurie's we had a model. It's been so long I thought every drawing was going to look like a mutant but I must say - it was great fun. We started off with 30 second poses (above).
Next we jumped to one minute...
And many minutes was this? Can't recall - I'll blame it on my cold. But anyway, after that we had an extended pose for about an hour and I did a painting. Because it was dark when I got home I couldn't get a good photo (yada, yad, yada) but I will post one tomorrow. It turned out pretty cool - a figure painting over one of my old landscapes. Anyway - till then - ciao!


Nicki said...

Well done, Kim! You weren't even rusty! Looking forward to seeing the painting.

Sandra Busby said...

What an absolute treat to see some of your sketches Kim! I LOVE looking at sketches! I really hope we see some more :0)