Thursday, April 12, 2012

New work

Finally....a post! You know you'd better get back at it when your Mom calls to see if you're okay (love you Mom!). Yep. All is well here. A long weekend + forcing myself to stay home and do my taxes + forgetting my camera yesterday = long time no post!
This is acrylic, 11"x14" stretched canvas. Another piece in my abstract series. I'm basing this series around seasons. This afternoon I began a darker piece - think "storm" - and it is proving to be quite the challenge! Haven't quite figured out why but when I make a breakthrough I'll let you know.


Barbara M. said...

So beautiful. It's just great when you do blog. No pressure from your fans --just delight in your work.

XO Barbara

lcr said...

I love this series. The colours are incredible.
Love you honey!

Nancy Colella said...

Just keep at it! What ever you are doing- it's working! Love this series! They are very freeing.

Gwen Bell said...

Love this abstract and the ones in the post below. I think abstracts are the hardest style and you've done an outstanding job!