Thursday, March 3, 2011


You can imagine with painting daily you build up quite an inventory : ) In that vein (and because a Canadian March can be a bit tough to get through) I am holding a HUGE sale this month on all my daily paintings. If you've never bought original art before or have had your eye on something but just couldn't quite commit, this is your chance! An excellent (and inexpensive) opportunity to dip your toes in the water : ) They also make great gifts. Let me outline the benefits: 
1. good for you (seriously!): there was a study done once that said patients in hospital rooms healed quicker if they had a window in their room looking to the outdoors, but if they didn't have a window and had a good painting to look at, it still furthered healing quicker than just plain walls (hey - I've also got lots of large, fantastic, colourful landscape paintings here : ) Just this week there was an article on Huffington Post stating that studies have shown art boosts your immune system and decreases loneliness.
2. original art adds flair to your room. An original painting on the wall is so much richer than mass-produced prints. And it's handmade and one-of-a-kind!
3. good for your soul. It just is : ) When you see something that stirs you, and hits you on another level, you've connected with something in the work. And it's good for you to have around : )
I will end with a favourite quote:

Science will dictate the future,
Art will gladden its soul

So here's the deal: ANY 6"x6" daily painting (from the beginning of my blog up until March 2, 2011) for $45 (+shipping which is a flat $15). The whole month of March! Happy shopping!
One thing: because I can't manually edit all the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, just send me an email for the painting(s) you'd like to purchase and I will adjust the PayPal buttons accordingly. 

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Amanda Jones said...

good luck with the sale Kim what a great idea. Love your work, I was especially drawn to the Marble Dance, beautifully done.