Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've received this blog award from Tiffany who writes a great blog called Eating Niagara, a blog devoted to local eating and agriculture in the Niagara region. I met Tiffany a couple of weeks ago when she was in my Eat Drink Paint class at The Good Earth. Thank you Tiffany!

In turn I am supposed to call attention to up to 15 other great bloggers and share seven facts about myself. Hmm. The think is, I follow hundreds of blogs and most of them by fellow artists. And I love them all! I think for this list I will mention a few blogs I enjoy that *aren't* fellow daily painters. I don't have many so it's also a wake-up call for me to diversify ; ):
1. BiblioTravel - For books that take you away. For those that like to read, just check it out : )
2. Tommy Kane - You've got to read "Fish Tale"
3. Bicocacolours - Cool groupings of photos/colour families
4. The Twirling Dragon - So beautiful!
5. Greg Betza Illustration - reminds me of my school days
6. WongCW Photography - let's me travel...
7. What I wore today - just because it's fun

If anyone has some blogs they follow that aren't art related, please share! A good cooking blog, a gardening one? I'm all ears ; )

Now 7 facts about me:
1. A good campfire makes me happy.
2. So does a pan of brownies : )
3. Love to read.
4. I love a good old-fashioned letter (like, sent in the mail, on paper, with a stamp) and fear it has become a lost art.
5. Like cocoa and popcorn made the REAL way! Milk, cocoa and a bit of maple syrup or sugar, and popcorn popped in hot oil in a pot (!) with a good dash of salt. 
6. I find flowers amazing. That all that glorious-ness can come from a little speck of a seed or a bulb that's been buried in frozen ground all winter never ceases to delight me.
7. Love the theatre and still get a thrill when the lights go down.


Starr said...

That's awesome, congrats!

Nancy Colella said...

That's such a great idea to post your favorite non-painting blogs! It gets kind of one dimensional when you ONLY view art blogs! Thanks for those leads. Now for another cup of coffee to check them out!

Anonymous said...

Husband? Family???

Kim Rempel said...

Yes honey...LOL I have the BEST husband and kids in the world actually!