Thursday, March 17, 2011

Untitled II

No. 2. So in these, just as in still life work, I was thinking about colour, lights and darks, composition, texture, and how the pieces worked together. I was looking at yesterday's piece while I painted this one as I wanted them to compliment each other yet still have their individuality.
6" x 6" / oil on archival panel 


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful abstracts, Kim! Love both of them!

SKIZO said...


martinealison said...

Elle est aussi belle cette ouvre que celle que j'ai admirée précédemment.
Bravo... Beau travail.
Gros bisous Kim.

mary maxam said...

Alot of textural depth here and one of my favorite color schemes. This would hang so beautifully with yesterday's post.

AK said...

This is something different but equally eye catching. Fabulous.

lcr said...

They look like sunrise & sunset. Beautiful!

Barbara Muir said...

These are so great Kim,
so vivid and unique.