Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plein air

Today I was out plein air painting. For the first half hour the rain held off and I was able to work on a piece I had started last week (middle picture). I was prepared: I had a thermos of tea, my winter coat, toque, and rain pants. My husband also made a quick modification on my easel by securing an umbrella on it with tie-wraps ; ) Between this and the handy things he attached to the bottoms of the legs that allow me to push a screwdriver through and secure my easel to the ground - for windy conditions (pic below) - I was kitted out pretty well. Unfortunately when the rain started coming, it came down steadily. My palette was quickly soaked turning my acrylics into puddles. Ugh. 
I moved to a new location under a shed and leaks from the roof made me have to find another new spot. I did find shelter (and a good viewpoint) under another outbuilding and got this painting below of a pine. So all was not lost. But gosh - are we ever getting a lot of rain! And curiously it's always coinciding with painting night! Tomorrow I'll post a close-up of the painting in the middle shot. There are some nice things happening in it but I've got a big problem on the right hand side. Possibly fixable, we'll see! 
Still, when you're in the zone and it's working, there's nothing like it.

Photographed in my van in the rain - not the best lighting conditions.
Just before the rain began.
Close-up of one of the screwdrivers securing the leg of my canvas to the ground to prevent it from blowing over.


martinealison said...

Ma pauvre Kim! Je suis désolée pour vous... Cette pluie est un véritable cauchemar pour les artistes. Vous étiez cependant fort bien équipée.
Je pense que ce fameux pin avait envie de se faire tirer le portrait! Réussi entre autre... gros bisous à vous.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

You are a brave and stalwart artist. I am not good at the whole plein air experience, and take my rain hat off to you, or would if I had one. Gorgeous painting in the van picture.

Karin Lynn Cumming said...

Kim, first of all let me tell you how much I am enjoying the painting I picked up at "Good Earth." It is sitting at my computer desk at the moment and so each time I sit down I get another moment of enjoyment. I do love your graphic style.
The tree is wonderful...angle is perfect also....outside the box. Each day I love seeing "Eat, Drink, Paint" has popped into my email address. I do so wish I could paint like you. Thanks, Karin Lynn from Oakville

suzanneberry said...

just lovely kim! you are so dedicated. we're getting a lot of rain here in NY. lovely for the flowers and lawn but not so good for one's mood. i hope the sun comes out soon for you. this is beautiful!

Sandra Busby said...

How lovely that your huband has becvome part of your art kit!!
He must feel very proud when he sees what you do :0)
I like the tree - I like the way it's standing and the shape. Brilliant :0)

Jane Hunt said...

Man, you are hardy!!
It's been pouring here too and I avoid going out at all costs.
Beautiful results - and so fun to see your set-up!

Anonymous said...

Her husband is extremely proud of what she does and mentions it every chance he gets to as many people as possible, at what an amazing artist she is. Sometime to Kim's chagrin! For some reason she goes all shy.

Kim Rempel said...

If "Anonymous" is my husband, thanks - I love you. xoxo