Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend update!

So here are a few pictures of my table at The HandMade Market this weekend at The Good Earth. It was a beautiful two days! 40 cool vendors and delicious food (my fave: Asian slaw with chicken and shrimp satay - with "kickass peanut sauce"). A lovely way to spend two days. I met some people that I had previously only corresponded with on-line and they were so nice! One of the perks of the job ; ) Thanks to all those who stopped by my table to say hi, to Nicolette and everyone else at The Good Earth for being such fun hosts, and to The HandMade Market for another successful weekend! By the way, both can be looked up on Facebook!


Art by Katalin said...

It was lovely to see you and chat with you at the show Kim! Your work looked amazing!
This show was so much fun and the Asian slaw was my favorite food and the jelly rolls (I had to go back for a second one;)
Hope to see you soon..maybe at another art show? :) Take care!

Kathy Cousart said...

Amazing to see all of your beautiful paintings together like that. Looks like a great venue and that it was lots of fun. I really like the display racks that you have- do you mind if I ask what those are? Just Perfect:)

Jerry Stocks said...

Love your painting and especially enjoyed your setup at the show. And the food sounds divine.

Kim Rempel said...

Hi Kathy,
I've had a few inquiries about where to buy them but I was just lucky - my husband came up with an idea and then made them for me : )