Thursday, October 27, 2011

ARTLOVE: Crystal Cook

Today's ARTLOVE is a little different - I'm highlighting the work of an artist I actually know! Well, Crystal and I have never met in person but we chat. And she is a kindred spirit. And she is AWESOME. She is at the top-of-her-game as an artist (wait till you scroll down and see her work!) but she is also an equally gifted writer. Her posts are a double treat because first you are visually mesmerized, and then you read what she wrote and you feel:
1. happy (huzzah!)
2. encouraged (she's a great motivator)
3. pumped! (has you believing you're going to paint your best piece tomorrow!)
4. warm (well, you know, she writes about family life, art, motivation...stuff I'm kind of interested in : )  
and best of all she always makes me smile. And you can't underate a genuine daily smile.
If you don't know Crystal's blog, you must check it out here. And her website is here.
And her paintings!
Self Portrait of My Soul / gouache / 10"x14"
I found out Crystal likes Kathe Kollwitz as much as I do. And I think Kathe Kollwitz would have been proud of this piece. Look at that fierce look in Crystal's eyes! Protection, man!
Daily Escape / watercolour / 6"x6"
You think she just does portraits? Au contraire! Look at the reflections in the tea, and on the table - and at the awesome little wolf. This one blew me away.
Sparkle / watercolour / 7"x9"
One of my favourites. Perfect.
Snap! She can draw like no one's business!
Hope / watercolour / 7"x9"
Warm, rich colour. Crystal makes skin glow.
Pensive / watercolour / 10"x14"
Another one of my faves. So much mood in this piece. I feel like I know this young woman. Perfectly suited palette.
Joy, unrestrained / watercolour / 10"x14"
Well, how can this not fill you with love and joy? Just crazy. 
A-Punk, self portrait / watercolour / 8"x10"
She makes it look easy. Look at that SKIN!
Intensity / watercolour / 10"x14"
Bundled Up / watercolour / 7"x9"
Textures, expression, composition. Love.

I also want to give Crystal a heartfelt thank you for the interview she did of me on her blog. They were interesting (and quirky) questions that really made me think. And the lightning round was completely fun ; )


Nancy Laliberte said...

Fabulous post, Kim! Blogging and the internet is a wonderful thing. :-)

Celeste Bergin said...

very talented! thanks for sharing this artist with us :)

Virginia Floyd said...

Thanks Kim for featuring Crystal's work. She is awesome! I enjoyed seeing some of my favorites again.
And I love her interview with you. Fun!

suzanneberry said...

thanks for featuring crystal, she is one of my favorites!

la said...

Thank you for featuring Crystal and highlighting some of her work I haven't seen. I recently was blessed to take a class she taught---you can add teaching and demonstrating to her list of talents! I think everyone left wishing it had been a much longer class!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Kim, love this!!!! Crystal is so awesome and her works are masterful!!

hmuxo said...

How wonderful to feature Crystal...she is definitely awesome and her work is flawless! You have a wonderful blog here and look forward to your next post!

Sandra Busby said...

I've been following Crystal for so long - Who could possibly not love her work! Isn't it remarkable? :0)

Crystal Cook said...

Oh Thank you SO much Kim! You have no idea how much this made me smile, and I teared up reading your sweet words!! You are just simply awesome and I'm so glad we're friends. :))))

And thank you so much for all the kind words you wonderful commenters left!! Huzzah!

SARABEL said...

!impresionantes acuarelas| me encanta la el vaso de te..........y las acuarelas de los niƱos

un saludo