Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something a little weird...

A bit of a story here but bear with me:
I had a half hour or so left yesterday and decided to paint Laurie's terrific little red chair again. So overtop an old canvas it went. I had the chair painted, and was going to quickly lay in a ground, background, and rectangular shape down the left, and was pondering it over when Laurie walked by and said: Leave it! 
And I laughed and said: It's a little weird! To which she replied: Yes, it was. And we laughed and looked at it a bit. Then we got silly and she said it brought to mind Mona Lisa - how she always felt the landscape had been kind of artifically plopped in behind her (sorry Laurie - I'm really paraphrasing here!), and that this chair was kind of like that. Then I laughed and said (with the way I had indicated the graphic rectangular shapes to be painted) that if I'd turned the chair in profile it would be like Whistler's Mother! LOL!! (art humour? overtired?)
Someone else said it could be an ad for moving to the country ; )
So, yes, it's odd and quirky and weird, but for now I'm leaving it! Can anyone think of a title, now knowing the back story? Something different from Mona Lisa's Chair? ; ) Although, that's kind of growing on me. 
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother by James McNeill Whistler.


martinealison said...

Une comparaison qui n'est pas complètement anodine... Après tout, Mona Lisa le paysage n'est-il pas "artificiel" derrière elle ?...
Cette chaise pourrait être celle de tout admirateur de votre art... Chacun peut s'imaginer là assis...
Gros bisous

SYLVIANE said...

We have this same red chair , as a rocking chair, at the Lake of the Woods.
Funny painting!

Nancy Colella said...

I love that you are painting over old paintings! It's so GREEN! And that painting is terrific. Nothing better than a red chair!

Page Pearson Railsback said...

The chair who feel to earth...a la david bowie...far cry from Da vinci

Barbara Muir said...

I love this, and I loved the landscape -- some great new thing is happening in your work. Honour it.


Why not a chair?
The chair moves in.
Chair in a landscape # 1
The chair's fantasy
A place to stand, and a place to sit
Chairs matter too
The rebel chair
Sit down I think I love you

Don't tempt me. I could go on and on.

XO Barbara
(P.S. I am an absolute chair freak.)

patti vincent said...

This is why we should all take classes. So we can be told to stop, step back and look, among other things. I love Mona Lisa' Chair. Too fun and thought provoking.