Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Studio table - work in progress

detail: Studio table, work in progress
Studio table so far...
my set-up
My mess! Holy smokes. I really need to spend a day cleaning but all I want to do is paint ; )

Thank you for your title suggestions on yesterday's painting. They made me laugh. You're a creative bunch out there in blogland. Three of my favourites were:
The Chair Moves In 
Chairs Matter Too 
(thank you Barabara Muir - you were on a roll - I love it! Those two in particular really made me laugh)
The Ruby Chair - Wish I Were There 
(from my friend Elisabeth who pointed out it even ; ))

So the piece today is a section of my studio table. Yep. I'm even showing you my painting space. You know I must feel very comfortable with you to share the messy bits : ) That's okay - it will act as a "before" picture and you'll be extra wowed when I post the "after". 


Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Your wip is terrific!! Love the perspective and colors! And I can't get over the windows in your space, insert drool here:) So cool to see your set up and process

Diane Hoeptner said...

I'm so inspired to try some bigger paintings now. (Darnit??) VERY, very excited to see your new work. You have such an eye for composition and COLOR. More!!

martinealison said...

J'apprécie de voir l'évolution de votre travail... et le petit gland dans celle-ci semblable à un accroche coeur!
Bonne peinture ...
gros bisous

Kim Rempel said...

I just had to translate what Martine said because it was so poetic. Thank you Martine!
"I like to see the evolution of your work ... and the little acorn in it hangs like a heart!
Good painting .."

Virginia Floyd said...

I am SO impressed by your drawing! There is no way I could have taken those items and created such a great composition!

The WIP is already beautiful. Beautiful colors. Can't wait to see it finished.

Fay Terry said...

Kim, I am so impressed by your current work in progress-as usual the colors are fantastic.-and the drawing, too.
I am quite envious of your windows and so glad you shared this. I would feel uncomfortable if you had a very neat and tidy space because mine certainly isn't! It looks very productive.

Barbara Muir said...

What a glorious space. Messy? Any real painter has a messy space. Hello! It's called painting you tidy freaks. Look at Bob Burridge's studio. Love the painting in progress shots and the painting.

XO Barbara

Nancy Laliberte said...

Love it! Color palette, composition, everything!

Emiliya Lane said...

I'm with on that one !!! What life, what mess ? All we want to do it is
to PAINT :-)))))

Stephanie Gauvin said...

Thanks for sharing your process , step by step, coming alive...It`s great!