Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunlit fruit - SOLD

One afternoon a week for the month of March I've been teaching at the Port Colborne Art Club. Today we worked on the one colour/one stroke challenge. This is beneficial in many ways. First, it gets you to slow down and really look at the colours you're seeing. Which leads to mixing/painting colour deliberately. And it stops you from getting all blendy-blendy and over-working. I did this back in college but again when I took a workshop from Carol Marine. A very good exercise! Below are pictures of the class hard at work : )
6"x6" / acrylic on archival panel / $100 (includes free shipping worldwide)


Brenda L. Murray said...

Wow what an amazing challenge! I could learn a lot from a workshop like that!

Stephanie Berry said...

Delightful still life. Congratulations on your work at TAG. I love the Summer Light one.