Monday, March 5, 2012

work in progress

This is the thrid and final painting for the Niagara Artists Center Small Feats show (April 14th). All works are 12"x12". So here's my problem: love the flower...not loving the shadow. Tomorrow morning I will attempt to fix it - take a bit more care with the shape, lighten it and give it a bit more life. And also fix the ground/background line as seen through the vase. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free! I wish I had painted the whole flower/vase much larger.


Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Love the flower too, agree the shadow is overpowering a bit. Maybe you could add a flower resting on the table. Would add a little balance and color.

Crystal Cook said...

I am not seeing anything wrong with it at all. I think it is BEA-U-TI-FUL! I like that the flower is a little cmall on that bigger canvas. It makes it seema little vulnerable, but the bigger shadow makes me think it has hidden strength. Am I reading too much into this?? I don't know maybe throw some orange into the shadow??? I love it as is. :)

Brenda L. Murray said...

I love it as is. It's cool. Love the big shadow. It's different. Interesting. I wouldn't change anything.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Kim!... You have handled the flower and vase very nicely... as always!

However, the shadow really looks mannered... in other words... contrived.

I would suggest that this could be overcome... firstly by lowering the right hand start for the shadow... caused by the unseen side of the vase down to the green line indicating this back side of the vase... seen thru' the glass.

I would then allow the shadow value to remain as you have already created it, but make it diffuse as the shadow... as it exits the picture plane in the lower right of your panel.

This would I feel... help eliminate that existing too heavy faux shadow feeling dominating the immediate foreground.

Simply put... I think your eye already feels the competition between the well painted flower... and the weak shadow.

Just an opinion... and a suggestion to guide your own thinking and actions Kim!

Good luck with it!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,... to Harry as well!

Grace | labor posters said...

I love the flower too! I hope you could fix the problem with the shadow and background line. Good luck!

William Ternay said...

OK Kim; since you asked.
Your concerns expressed bring out the teacher in me. No doubt the shadow upstages the soloist in this painting, the flower/vase. How about considering some subtle value changes? Make the table top about a value darker, bringing it closer in value to the shadow...which I think is too "hard-edged" everywhere. Soften the back edge of the shadow for a bit of "lost," and edge variety.
I'm always dazzled by the crisp immediacy of your images, and brushwork. So that's my take. Ya' had to ask, right?

Anonymous said...

i love it so much

Kim Rempel said...

Thank you!