Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vincent & Edvard

Today I painted 2 masonite cut-outs of a lion and a lamb for the Grimsby Art Gallery Fundraising Auction and Gala Event. For locals, let me tell you, it's a great place to pick up art at a very good price! The event is Saturday March 31st at 7pm. 
They always have a component where they make a bunch of "somethings" (boxes, themed masonite shapes etc) and ask local artists to paint them to sell off the night of the auction. You can probably see that from the front they have been built up to be kind of 3-d (they are shown in the bottom photo upside down because I didn't think to take a picture of the blanks). So I pondered and puzzled over what to paint on my shapes.  Maybe handle them typographically? Or paint in a style for a childrens room? And then this just popped into my head. Yeah...kind of odd but I went with it. I have named them (of course) Vincent and Edvard. And I may be buying them back! I love my little Vincent ; ) I debated snapping the ears off my Munch-inspired lamb but then thought that in a weird way it kind of added to the whole thing. And now it just makes me smile ; )


Nicki said...

I'm smiling too!

Ray Rempel said...

I can't help it, I have to respond. Folks I'm her dad, but objective I'm sure.

Kim the creativity and execution that you show in your choice of compositions, Munch and van Gogh continue to amaze me. I love the whimsy, insight and skills. All based upon the tremendous growth that you've developed over the years. Some day we'll have to scan and post some of your renderings from when you were the creative and playful child.

martinealison said...

Très amusant... Une oeuvre pleine de charme.
gros bisous


soooo clever! I love the variety on your blog

patti vincent said...

These are so clever and well done. Lucky fundraiser!