Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bowling Ball, Garden Gazing Ball

I've been feeling a little crafty. The last two days my paintings had to be scrapped (yep - well, it happens) and so I went online for some other inspiration. I've been working on three different projects. Here is the first: a garden gazing ball. I found the idea on Pinterest and as you know how I love my garden, I thought this would be a very cool project. My cousin found a bowling ball for me at our local thrift shop (after me thinking "what the heck are my chances for finding a bowling ball at the thrift shop!") and then I picked up some dishes to create a mosaic.
Stage 1. Find a bowling ball...
 and some coloured glass and or porcelain (+ I added a couple of costume jewellery earrings)
Stage 2: Carefully smash them (or you can just collect things you happen to drop on the kitchen floor : ). Isn't that pretty? I put mine in heavy plastic bags and knocked them against the ground. The bags can start to split so pay attention! Note to any kids reading: Really, let an adult do this part. Trust me. I even wore protective glasses just to be safe. 
Stage 3: Begin gluing your pieces on the ball. This takes longer than I thought because the glue has to be held about a minute for each piece. At least the kind I'm using does. This is why the photos only go to this point : ) In the center is the junk jewellery earring I bought for 50 cents. I love it! After I complete this stage - sometime in 2014 - I am going to spread epoxy in  between the pieces. They say to grout it but with having to wipe the grout so quickly and carefully to prevent a film on your glass and china, I think a clear epoxy may be the way to go. I will keep you posted. 
Happy creating!


Barbara Muir said...

What a girl! I am in awe. Love the 2014 bit. I have quite a few plates that I thought would some day turn into such a project. A table top or something. One minute a piece. " I think I better think it out again." (quote from song from Oliver)

XO Barbara

Tim MacDonald said...

There is no end to your creativity, Kim! I will be watching for the progress with the gazing ball... lovely!

Tim MacDonald said...

OK, Kim, that last comment was from KELLEY MacDonald. Apparently now that my husband has a blog I have to double check to make sure it's ME that's signed in!
:) Kelley