Thursday, May 23, 2013

It was all so romantic

The first time I came across Leonard Cohen was in college. And it wasn't by way of his music, rather a poem. It has always stuck in my heart and still makes me catch my breath.
"I almost went to bed..."
I almost went to bed
without remembering
the four white violets
I put in the button-hole
of your green sweater
and how i kissed you then
and you kissed me
shy as though I'd
never been your lover
~Leonard Cohen
Romantic, right? 
As is often the case I thought I'd lost it 3/4 of the way through but then it fell into place. This is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and I forgot to measure the canvas size. I'm guessing it's about 11x14? I'll note it tomorrow. Detail, above. Good evening!

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Dawnelle said...

A beautiful line for a beautiful painting done by a beautiful artist. Congratulations on reaching 400 "likes", of course I "love" you.