Monday, June 24, 2013

Old Growth Cherry

Ta-da! It's complete. And I'm feeling pretty stoked.
I photographed it in daylight (above) and indoor (below, under fluorescent lighting).
This is an old growth cherry tree near my house (and regular readers know how much I love painting trees). Peach tress are blossoming in the back. It's a scene very familiar to me and each spring it always feels new and full of wonder. It's like everyone is agog at all this beauty being bestowed upon us. Breathtaking. This year the blossoms seemed particularly spectacular - I'd never seen so many people stopping at the side of the road to have their pictures taken in the orchard.
18"x24" / acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas / $550


martinealison said...

Ce vieux cerisier est merveilleux... Je ne sais pas s'il donne toujours autant de bonnes cerises mais en tous cas il produit du bonheur... Celui de vous faire peindre et celui de se faire admirer !... Un bien beau s├ęducteur !
Bravo pour cette magnifique peinture aux couleurs extraordinaires.

Gros bisous

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wonderful feel and detail to this painting. I really enjoyed seeing the progression on your blog, too. Thanks for sharing.

Lesley said...

Fabulous detail and colour, well done Kim. As for the profusion of blossoms we had the same spectacular bloom of the sour cherries in Norfolk County. Our roses are dripping with blossoms to the point the bushes are sagging. According to our local gardening center it is because of the drought we had at the end of last summer. Lots of great painting inspiration for us.

suzanneberry said...

WOW!!! Kim this is absolutely amazing!! What character and charm this tree has!!! I can almost hear it speak to me...easily one of your best and my favorites!

Patti Vincent said...

Beautiful painting! The subject matter and colors are just amazing.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Awesome, you captured the grandeur!!

Sandra Busby said...

Its fantastic! And so lovely to be able to see it stage by stage too :0)

Barbara Muir said...

The tree is magnifico! Ahem. Don't give it away.


XO Barbara