Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some things that made me smile this weekend

Friday I went to Toronto to do a little gallery hopping. First I saw the Bobbi Burgers exhibit at Bau-Xi. Her pieces were really quite stunning. They also had a few David Alexanders hanging so it was a double-score! Then I went across the street to the Art Gallery of Ontario and met my fabulous art friend Barbara Muir. We saw some interesting things on the "Contemporary" floor ; ) Interesting like... "interesting". There was a sound house that mimicked the sounds you hear during a thunderstorm which was done very well but the really cool installation that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at was:
A pink roller coaster bed. Actually it is "La MontaƱa Rusa" by Los Carpinteros. Cool, yes?

Before I headed home (which took triple the usual time - darn summer weekend traffic) we zipped over to see the fabulous work by the iconic Canadian painters, The Group of Seven. Both of our hearts have little pieces that hang out in that room I think. I can never miss is when I'm there. Happy sigh.

Then this evening another dear art friend Sandy sent me this link which was funny.

And now we are going to sit down and watch aerialist Nik Wallenda cross a gorge at The Grand Canyon. Wherever you are, hope you were able to enjoy your weekend and have a few smiles as well.


Nicki said...

Ooooh Bobbi Burgers, David Alexandra and the Group of Seven all in one day??? AND Barbara Muir!?! Be still my heart!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
sounds like you had a fab weekend, at the galleries and with Barbara,she's a gem isn't she? love the video, hadn't seen that one before!

Sandra Busby said...

Lol! This did make me chuckle! Great post! :0)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for this. I've been up to my ears and behind on blogging and reading! You are a sweetie. Wasn't that bed super! I showed it to Steven and he laughed. We can all imagine a roller coaster ride on a pink mattress. The funny thing was the two single beds, one at either end.
So ideal 8 year old sleep over bed
or what? Great video!

I had so much fun with you!

XO Barbara