Wednesday, June 19, 2013

orchard painting progress + bowling ball update

So here is how the orchard painting looks after today. I began adding leaves, put in more of the ground and worked on some of the background blossoms and sky. Next stage is to add more leaves and value changes within them and then add all the white blossoms to the tree in the foreground.  This is how it looked last Thursday. 
And in case you're wondering, I thought I'd include a picture of how my bowling bowl/garden gazing ball is looking. Because my glass pieces are of varying thicknesses it has made grouting... interesting. I can't wipe and get a smooth, clean grout line. So what I'm left with is a bit of a frosted cake look. Hmm. Will this go down as a Pinterest fail? Because of the amount of time I've invested I feel a certain amount of affection for it none-the-less. I'm telling myself once it's tucked into the garden with leaves all around it, it will be charming : )


Crystal Cook said...

I love the tree Kim. It is so moody and atmospheric. And I really like the blossomy background contrasted with the gnarled tree. It's beautiful. And I LOVE the gazing ball!! It certainly won't go down as a pinterest fail. ;) I had an art teacher looooong time ago who used this concept. But it was on her wall inside her house. And she used broken blue china plates. And broken porcelain doll heads. . . CREEPY. So basically yours is nothing like hers because yours is beautiful and hopeful and the opposite of creepy. Every time I went to her house for lessons I kept asking myself if I had the wrong genetic makeup for being an artist because I could see NOTHING pleasing about shoving those creepy doll faces into your wall. That was my only art teacher I had after high school. I decided the self taught approach would be best after that. ;)

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Kim,

Merci, merci ! Grâce à vous, à cet arbre majestueux encore en gestation, je débute très bien ma journée !... Comme vous le savez déjà ! je crois, j'adore les arbres. Ils ont un pouvoir sur moi extraordinaire. Celui au moins de me donner de l'énergie, de la joie et je reste humble en les admirant!... Et je ressens la même chose face à votre oeuvre... Alors encore merci!
Les nuances de couleurs sont exactement ce que l'on peut apercevoir, ressentir en observant un arbre selon l'heure de la journée... et ses formes ! Il vous parle avec toute sa vérité et sa sagesse...
Bravo! bravo!
Gros bisous à vous

Barbara Muir said...

What a beautiful tree. I am in awe! As for the garden ball, it is wonderful!

You amaze me.

XO Barbara

Sandra Busby said...

I love how the tree is coming on... It's fascinating how it starts to emerge! And the garden ball looks nothing like a cake, lol! I think it is really pretty! What a lovely idea :0)

Egretta Wells blog said... the tree!