Thursday, September 10, 2009

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Feeling silly this morning. Took another stab at my pinecone, looking at pattern in the scales. When I finished the painting and gave it a good hard stare, it looked like it had a fancy evening dress on and was ready to go out on the town. But alas, it's stuck here on my filing cabinet for a couple more days. Poor thing.
Interesting aside: when I searched the parts of a pinecone online (to find the term 'scales"), I found an informative site: (and they've got a great logo). One of the cool facts was that the heaviest pinecones in the world are from the Coulter Pine, weighing up to 10 lbs. The website states: "These cones can be deadly if they fall on your head. Old time loggers called them "widow makers" because they killed loggers when cones fell." Whoa! Makes mine look extra dainty.
6" x 6" / acrylic on canvas / $65

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Art by Katalin said...

Nice variations for a pinecone! I think this one is my favorite so far because it's so different with the abstract pattern you did..and it still looks like a pinecone.Also, like the contrast between the warm and cool colours.
And thanks for the interesting facts! :)