Friday, September 4, 2009

Moon Study I and II - SOLD

MINI Today I did two mini's. They were memory studies of the moon. All week I'd been gazing at this fantastic moon, almost in it's full phase, and it was a bright, shimmering orb. It lit up the woods so that you didn't really even need a flashlight - nature's lantern if you will. Anyway, the first one is how it looked around 11pm just at the top of our campsite and the second one is how it appeared just after the sun was setting - a few minutes after eight, leaving Sunset Point. The sky was a silky lavender. Very romantic and old world-feeling.
2" x 2.75" / acrylic on canvas / $16 each

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Neodad said...

Welcome back! I missed my morning paintings this week. Nice to see you're back at it. Really love the darker Moon Study. Really nice warm feeling to it. Also like Sunset Point, peaceful.