Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twisted apple

Okay...so today's painting is a piece in transition. It is not yet finished but I am a bit stuck on where to go with it from here. It started out well: atmospheric and subtle, and then somewhere I took a wrong turn and couldn't find my way back : ( I did have a number of fellow artists give me ideas (if only they had all agreed! ; ) so I just have to stand back from it for a while, think on it, and then find my course. Perhaps the best advice came from Cathy, my mentor (Catherine Gibbon - see link to the side) who spoke about deciding on the colour of light, and remembering values. I have a fair bit left to do on this piece and will post it again when I'm not feeling so annoyed with it!


Neodad said...

I'll have Sonwun look it over in the morning. I'm sure he'll have a few ideas. (If this makes no sense, check the blog.)

Kim Rempel said...

LOL - I checked it a couple of hours ago. Please tell Sonwun I am waiting for his advice! Time is of the essence!

Neodad said...

Sonwun says the tree needs apples, peaches and strawberries on it. And a dumptruck and some ants too.
There you have it Kim, advice from one artist to another.
Good luck!